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An active life, from a base in a passive house - in the Explorer Hotel Montafon!

Stay in Europe’s very first “passive hotel”, and explore the whole Silvretta Montafon hiking and walking region – from only 39.80 EUR a night!

As the very first “passive-house” hotel in Europe – a “green building” in the truest sense of the word – the Explorer Hotel Montafon lives according to the economically sustainable principle: minimization of energy-losses and maximization of energy-gains.

What’s more, this is combined with a significant improvement in living comfort. The Explorer Hotel Montafon produces 100% less CO2 emissions than a traditionally-constructed hotel of the same size.

Thanks to specially-designed windows and systems of thermal diffusion, the heat-gains thereby generated prove of maximum use to both the guests and to the hotel’s household appliances. The green of the hotel’s façade, then, visible from miles around, is also a symbol of those maxims of low energy-consumption and environmental protection on the basis of which the hotel is run. This innovative, future-oriented energy-concept is currently still unique among hotels in all of Europe!

Contact details for press:

Explorer Hotel
An der Breitach 3
87538 Fischen

Tel. +49 (0)8322 9785 0
Fax. +49 (0)8322 9785 10

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