Hotel Mohren ****
Hotel Mohren ****
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Hotel Mohren - Right in the Heart of Oberstdorf

The Hotel Mohren in Oberstdorf is more than just a four-star hotel situated in a central location. It’s a vacation home-away-from-home, with heart and with a sense of tradition that can be enjoyed by the whole family.

The ambitious goal that we in the Mohren team set for ourselves is to offer you, our guests, the maximum possible degree of rest and recreation while making your holiday as simple and uncomplicated an affair as possible.

A Little Piece of Oberstdorf History
This hotel, standing directly on the “Market Square”, is among the very richest in tradition of all of Oberstdorf’s tradition-rich buildings. We find the Hotel Mohren mentioned in the town chronicles, under the name of “the Tavern Nigh the Church”, as early as 1478. The Mohren’s heyday, however, as a “grand hotel” came only in the 50s of the last century. In these years the hotel register was a “who’s who” of Europe’s aristocracy and haute bourgeoisie. The decades that followed, however, were markedly less glorious and the renown of the hotel declined. Only since its change of ownership in 1991, when the lease was taken over by the Brandt and Reisigl families, has the hotel regained a splendour equal to that enjoyed in former days.

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